Japanese Karate

Self Defense

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Kokoro Karate Do

  :Kokoro Karate Do
Kokoro o motsu budō
(The martial art with heart)


On Line Class Members Only

  • You need to be on  or  join Facebook

  • You must send me  a friend request                                "Shihan A. Fredericks"

  • You must be a member of A1Kokoro

  • Membership Fee is required $5.00/month for the balance of the year in one payment

  • This will help cover expenses and insurance

  • Payment can be made by check or PayPal*

  • Examples of dates & payment amounts:              $5.00 per month until December 31

  • *PayPal Payment  add convenience fee 4%                 $5.20  per month until December 31

  • Once Payment is received you will receive a request to join our private closed group and will be able to receive my video lessons.

  • The entire family can then participate.

  • Karate Mon & Wed 5-6pm

  • Tatsu Kenjutsu Tue & Thur 5-6pm, Sat 10-11am

Ichi-go ichi-e


"one time, one meeting"

Honbu / Office: 166 Mallard Lane, Bushkill, PA 18324-8218