Kokoro Karate Do 

is a Japanese style of Karate founded by 

A. I. Fredericks, Shihan [Rokudan] 


Kokoro Karate is based on Seido Karate  founded by Tadashi Nakamura, Kaicho, who studied  Kyokushin Karate  founded by Mas. Oyama Sosai, who studied under Gichin Funakoshi O'Sensei, who brought karate to mainland Japan and founder of Shotokan Karate.and also Gogan Yamaguchi O'sensei founder of Goju Ryu.


April I Fredericks, Shihan has studied under Nakamura, Kaicho,

making her a 4th generation karatika.  A superior form of physical

exercise and self-defense.  Kokoro Karate is a complete program of

physical and mental conditioning which is safe and effective for persons of all ages.