General Rules
(they apply to everyone)
  1. No Hats in Dojo.

  2. No Shoes allowed on the mats.

  3. No Eating, No candy, gum or food in dojo.

  4. No cell phones or tablets allowed except at special events.

  5. No spectators are allowed. There will be events that they can attend.

  6. Found Items: anything found on PMLE property or in the clubhouse must be turned into Shihan the same day otherwise it will be considered a theft. This is a zero tolerance rule and you will be subject to immediate expulsion from the program. 

Student Specific Rules
  1. Ni Rei [Show Respect] Bow and say OSU upon entering and leaving dojo.

  2. Ni Rei [Show Respect] Bow and say OSU when entering and leaving mats or dojo floor.

  3. Ni Rei [Show Respect] Bow and say OSU when seeing Shihan [Master Chief Instructor], Yudansha [Black Belt] or Sempai [senior].

  4. Say OSU when given a command.

  5. Gi and Obi must be worn in dojo and must be clean. Only t-shirts or tank tops and tights or shorts allowed under Gi 

  6. No jewelry is to be worn while working out.

  7. Fingernails and toenails must be kept short.

  8. Shihan must be texted if you are attending class.

  9. If absent for a week or more: Please have the courtesy to notify Shihan giving reason.

  10. Sign in, before doing anything else, so you get credit for the class or classes you are taking.

  11. Act properly (remember Code of conduct inside and outside of dojo),

  12. No talking on mat or dojo floor:  stretch or practice.

  13. Dojo Soji / Floor cleanup is done before class and all students taking class are to participate. This may involve sweeping, washing, wiping and/or wiping floor of practice area the size of which will be determined by the number of students that day

  14. After Class all students must: return space to original condition.

  15. Gi tops with Kokoro Kanji & A-1 Logo (a registered trademark) and Rank Obis [ranking belts with stripes or color] are not to be worn outside dojo. Uniforms and belts are only to be worn in the dojo and at sanctioned events.. If GI tops are used for any other purpose THE PATCHES MUST BE REMOVED. 

  16. On Time is Late. Students need to arrive fifteen [15] minutes before the start of class

  • Remember our Dojo Kun inside and outside of dojo.

    • Seek perfection of character

    • Be faithful

    • Endeavor

    • Respect others

    • Refrain from violent behavior