Shihan April I. Fredericks
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World Seido Karate Organization Honbu

A. Fredericks, Shihan began her training at the age of 30 in 1980 @ the Seido Juku Honbu, NYC [World Headquarters], and  training directly under Nakamura, Kaicho in 1983. She became an assistant instructor at Honbu helping the Friday morning kata class. She attained her 1st degree in 1988. Fredericks, She also earned her 2nd degree in 1990.  Fredericks, Sensei  became an instructor @ Honbu in 1992 taking over the Friday morning kata class. 

Seido of Long Island

Fredericks, Shihan opened her own school in 1990. Seido of Long Island at the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Roosevelt, NY.


Women's Center Karate Club

JKA Shotokan

Fredericks, Shihan started training and teaching at JKA Shotokan at the Woman's Center Karate Club in 1995 with Denise Williams Sensei



Fleur de Lis Self Defense

Shihan also began teaching Fleur de Lis self defense at the LGBT Center NYC in 1995.


Bushkill Karate Club

JKA Shotokan

Reformed Church of Bushkill

Instructed & Studied 2014-2015


Pocono Karate Club

Kyokushin & Continuous Wave Karate

Instructor & Business Manager


National Women's Martial Arts Federation.  

member since 1995

Kokoro Karate Do


Shihan founded Kokoro Karate Do in 2016.


Kokoro Karate Do


Kokoro o motsu budō

(The martial art with heart) ​

A-1 Karate Do LLC

Owner &Chief Instructor

Shihan opened up a community karate program at Pocono Mountain Lake Estates in 2016.



Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2017 Outstanding Achievement Award

2018 Good Will Ambassador to the Martial Arts


Expo 11 2017, Expo 12 2018

Kung Fu and Karate

Masters of Martial Arts Awards 

International Circle Of Masters

2018 Karate Instructor of the Year

World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2018

Golden Lifetime Achievement Award

Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society

Hall of Fame

Class of 2018

AAMA Who's Who in the Martial Arts

2018 Edition