Sensei Joseph Mosca

Kyokushin Karate

Mosca Sensei started training under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura in the 1970's when Kaicho was the

North American Chairman of Kyokushinkaikan, located in Brooklyn NY

Seido Karate

Mosca, Sensei followed Kaicho in 1975  training at Seido's Honbu first at 14th St, then at 23rd St. He is currently ranked Nidan in Seido. He is currently training in Florida.

Seido of Long Island

Mosca, Sensei was also instrumental in the formation of Fredericks, Shihan 's program at the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary , Roosevelt NY. He was Shihan's Assistant Instructor.

Kokoro Karate

Mosca, Sensei was promoted to the rank of Sandan, and given the title Sensei  in Kokoro Karate in 2017. Although he currently lives in Florida, he maintains  a time share here in Shawnee on the Delaware and is welcome to teach class and  or train with us when ever he is in the area.